Grounding Practices for 2020

Healthy Habits

Grounding Practices for 2020

by Courtney Somer

2020 is off with a bang! There is a lot going on with worldly events, in addition to astrologically and energetically, and mostly everyone I’ve spoken to is feeling it one way or another (including me)! January is also known as a melancholy month, be it the weather or the back-to-the-grind feeling after the holidays, which make you just want to hibernate.

There are some things I am practicing this month to feel grounded, uplifted and ready to take on the day. I’m upping my self-care, reprioritizing and dedicating myself to rituals both old and new to me. Here’s how:


Meditation keeps me sane on all levels. It’s my go-to that I make a priority daily, whether I have 3 minutes or twenty, and rarely is it longer than that. My most recent ones are 3 minutes Sat Kriya, 3 minutes of cat cow, 3 minutes gratitude and 3 minutes of visualization. I also love the Magnificent Mantra. When I’m procrastinating doing them, I Google their benefits, which helps me just sit down and do them.


After struggling last year with some autoimmune issues and vertigo, I made my health a priority. As a working mom, this sounds easier than it is in practice. Still, I realized how important health is and that mine needed to move up in terms of priorities. I got back on track with my diet and started to eat (mostly) vegan and gluten-free. I do my best, and the days I eat clean, I can feel the effects so greatly, including improved sleep, clear mind and no bloating. I also got back on a supplement regimen after working with a naturopath.


I’m starting to forgo the urge to do it all. I’m asking for help more, delegating where it makes sense and generally doing less. This includes scheduling less, being on my phone less and paying attention to social media less.


I know I just said I’m doing less but I’m also doing more—only good stuff I enjoy. In terms of prioritizing, I’m making an effort to carve out time each week to do the things I love and that are just for myself: a massage, acupuncture, attending a class. Another goal this year is learning an instrument!