Holiday Gift Guide – Something for Everyone

Holiday Gift Guide – Something for Everyone

Giving is its own gift. When you find the perfect holiday present for a friend or family member, it feels great. Here’s how to pick the perfect Lake & Skye product to match anyone on your holiday list.


An aromatherapy blend is a great match for any stressed out mother. Pick according to what she might need: Epic Love is for self love and taking care of yourself; Mother is calming and centering; Illumination is uplifting and brightening.

*Hostess Gift 

For the host who does it all, the 11 11 candle is a little something to light right away for the evening or to save for when all the guests are gone.

*Boss or Employee 

Floral water is a great way to well wish anyone from your manager to your babysitter. Floral waters can also be used as a room spray. Jasmine is universally pleasing, sweet and alluring. For the yogis in your life, or anyone into wellness and meditation, opt for frankincense.

*Lake & Skye Fans 

 If you know a Lake and Skye fan, you can’t go wrong with the 11 11 collection – the body oil plus the roller ball. It’s a lovely pair, and chances are they have one but not the other.

*Mother in Law 

For the MIL who has everything, the 11 11 eau de parfum won’t disappoint.


The 11 11 rollerball is unisex, and can go either way for the dads, brothers, or male friends in your life who like scent.

*Anyone and Everyone

 When you’re uncertain what to buy, the hydrating body oil in our signature 11 11 scent is an all-around crowd-pleaser.


Mostly this year, I’m hoping for some true downtime with my loves. But who doesn’t love a wrapped gift? Here are some favorites on my personal holiday gift wishlist this year. I’d be thrilled for:

*Anything from Caron Callahan, especially a jumpsuit.

*Pottery from Lail design.

*Everyday Oil for my skin.

*A surprise from Totem Home.

*Tickets to Guru Jagat’s next program; I always want these.

Happy holidays to you and yours.