The Numerology of 11 11

The Numerology of 11 11

Many people feel a connection to the number 11 11, whether it be through the time or date. This is for good reason! These magical numbers have a lot of interesting interpretations, here are some of my favorites.

11 11 is considered a master number because it has a repeating sequence (11, 22, 33) which means a higher relevance and vibration. The number 1 is believed to be about new beginnings and initiation, so when it is repeated 4 times in a row, it is thought to be that much more powerful and take manifestation powers up a notch. Additionally, the shape of the numbers can be seen as a column of gates between our world and the heavens or to your higher self. People like to refer to this also as connecting with our guides or angels.

Most people who are interested in this number love to catch the daily 11:11 time and make a wish. This auspicious sign can serve as a reminder to take a minute to pause and be present. It is also thought of as a sign or message from your guides that you are on the right path or need to pay attention to your thoughts and what you are manifesting. Remember that old saying, “thoughts become things?” When life flows and it feels like everything is lining up in your favor, that is synchronicity. 11 11 can also serve as a reminder to take a deep breath, set an intention and of course, make a wish. I have had friends tell me that once they ask for a “sign,” they start seeing this number everywhere. Try it! When I see 11:11, I tend to do whatever is needed on that day. Most of the time, that’s a recalibration of energy, a few deep breaths, and a reminder to my guides (and myself!) of what I’m working on manifesting.

Numerology is an interesting way to learn more about your life, your path and what you are here to work on. We looked at numerology more in depth here.

No matter how you consider numbers, 11:11 is a great reminder to focus on the positive and take the good luck sign. Who doesn’t want more of that?