Healthy Habits with Norma Kamali

Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits with Norma Kamali

by Courtney Somer

The legendary Norma Kamali is not only an inspiration for years of influential and cutting edge designs, but also for her devotion to health and well-being. For one, she looks amazing and is in better shape then women half her age. She also created The Wellness Cafe consisting of favorite products to promote fitness, health and beauty and where she hosts inspirational events (that feature other Eyla contributors). We spoke to Norma about her personal routine to find out how she maintains calm and focus and how we can age as gracefully as she.

Walk us through your day. What practices or habits do you incorporate into your routine to promote health & well-being?

Overall, I work out every day and eat a mostly plant based diet. In the shower I use calcium liniment as a finish on my skin. It keeps me moisturized and your skin soaks in the benefits.

I brush my teeth with an all-natural tooth soap and tooth swish. It is the perfect rinse and alkaline.

Water consumption is key. I must have to 8 to 10 glasses or more each day. I start drinking water from the moment I wake up and especially love warm water with lemon in the morning.

For breakfast during this time of year, I love roasted squash whipped into a porridge for breakfast with cinnamon and nutmeg! I do take daily supplements like Vitamin D3, Probiotics and Vitamin C in the winter.

I use raw lip color, mascara and a self-tanner from Organic Pharmacy. Then I am ready to go.

I am in the office by 6 or 6:30am. The rooms are quiet and I can focus. I think about designing, draping and fitting in total silence for a few hours daily.

I eat lunch at same time every day. I use this time to catch up on the news or a chance to connect with people during a meal, which is usually friends or business acquaintances.

I also work out at the same time daily. The afternoons work best for me and some studies show this is the time your body is meant to be in motion and exercising. I go to Physique 57 and take the Barre Classes. This January will be my seven year anniversay there. My new favorite is the Mat Classes, they are tough!

Do you use any techniques while working or to handle stress? 

The Wellness Café I created was meant to be a place where solutions to stress can be found. I also play mind games on my phone or iPad. Scrabble is my favorite!

What do you eat throughout the day?

My snacks of choice are mostly nuts and berries.

What’s your nighttime routine?

I prefer to eat dinner early, so there is a longer fasting time between food consumption. It serves as a mini fast and I try to do it for 12 hours. It’s so easy to do when you’re sleeping! It rests the stomach and intestines. I tend to plan ahead meal wise. Therefore if I go out to dinner later, I eat light and enjoy a heavier meal at lunch.

At the end of the day, I also make it a point to quiet down and breath. I like to have Thai Massages, Acupuncture and Micro Current Facials whenever I have an opportunity. Much of my quiet time throughout the day is during my forms of transportation. The car takes me to and from work and also business appointments throughout the week.

I love my bed and sleeping! A full night sleep consistently is key, I try for the same time every night and I go to bed before 11pm. I also just sleep in bed, no TV, no reading and no sketching. So prior to sleeping I might do so stretching or relaxation techniques to help come down from the day.

I also can get lost in sketching for relaxation while watching Homeland. Yes, I love good writing and there are some quality TV shows that I am really enjoying!

What would you recommend as the most important habit for people to practice daily?

A full night’s sleep.