My Path to Lake & Skye

My Path to Lake & Skye

Hi. I’m Courtney, founder of Lake & Skye. I came to aromatherapy and creating the brand in a roundabout way, but, looking back, the path is clear. 

In my twenties, when I was working in the fashion industry in New York City, I had a reoccurring health issue, two surgeries and a strong reaction to conventional medicine. I was lost trying to navigate the medical world and left without answers for months. I was told at one point I might not be able to have children and a doctor actually opened up a textbook to show me how the condition had no answer. Through my sister, I found my way to an alternative healer. Within the first half hour of the visit, he was able to help me understand ways to heal my body that included diet, meditation, deep breathing and being present. What he told me that day was something I had never heard before, it’s something that is more prevalent today then it was twenty years ago. I left that appointment so curious about what I had heard and developed a passion for alternative healing. I began to study various wellness techniques and over the next ten years became a Kundalini and prenatal yoga teacher and took courses in meditation, reiki and nutrition. I continue to study and learn about alternative healing techniques. The chance meeting with the healer I saw years ago, I still see to this day and he wound up marrying my husband and I. 

For many women, motherhood is a changing point. It brings focus and clarity and is life magnified. When I had my two daughters, Lake and Skye are their middle names, I was looking for a way to heal in the months after becoming a mother and got into aromatherapy. I took a course online and began working with essential oils amazed by their properties and effects. Working with a perfumer, we developed the aromatherapy blends and fragrance. I loved the idea of creating a product that lived out in the world, helping people in one way or another.

The brand launched in 2015 and it was obvious very quickly that the 11 11 fragrance was a favorite. People who were wearing it were getting stopped on the street, asked by their friends and coworkers, even their doctors what the scent was. The initial growth of the brand was organic and through word of mouth and it started to sell out in boutiques.

For the next few years, I did everything by hand – labeling bottles, shipping every order.  Now that the brand has grown, I’m still in the trenches, but in a new way. I’ve since left New York City for upstate New York, a place I used to spend weekends as a kid and where I’m now raising my own. I am with them as much as possible and juggle the business with motherhood. If there is a formula to make this all work smoothly, I’m still seeking it. In the meantime, I aim to continually show up for my business, family, self and community figuring it out as I go. Lake + Skye is evolving, taking on a life of its own. It’s the culmination of my whole journey and I love what I do.