Saturn Return – The Instigator of Change

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Saturn Return – The Instigator of Change

by Courtney Somer

Both my friends & I had a distinct feeling of unease in regards to life right around the age of 28. It felt like a mid-life crisis, without the sports cars or younger mates, but nothing felt quite right and a variety of deeper questions set in. Was I in the right job and relationship? What was my plan for my life? Was I officially moving out of youth and into adulthood? Thankfully, I was introduced to the concept of the Saturn return.

In Asrtrology, this is when Saturn makes one orbit around the sun and returns to the position of the time of your birth.This coincides with about every 27-29 years and will influence your life development and actually recalibrate your energy centers. It is believed at these times a person enters the next stage of their life, i.e. from youth to adulthood. The other times of a Saturn return are 56-60, 84-90 and if you’re lucky 114-118.

This return is the instigator of change. It can also be a time of despair and confusion on what you want in life. Saturn by nature causes one to reassess where you are and where you want to be and gives corrective feedback to change or modify and make it work better. For example, when turning a corner, you slow down right before the turn. Saturn slows you down to allow for a reevaluation of your life and the choices you have made thus far and allows for course corrections. It guides and informs you to make it work or to move onto something else that will make it better.

There are also seven-year phases within this period, which bring about a transition or maturing within life. So after the return at 28, there is a transition at the age of 35 and then 42.

Let it serve to help you build your foundation as to who you are as a person, defining what you do and do not want. The key is listening to your inner voice and not to resist change. Staying in a harmful relationship or devoted to a job that does not serve you are examples of resistance. If something in you is calling for a change, now is the time to examine it from the inside out. Use this as an opportunity to help you determine what is it that serves you as you embark on the next stage in life. Consider a new perspective when taking stock of where you are at, what advice would you give to a friend or yourself if you were looking back on your life? Would you regret not making the change? If so, you have your answer.

All the growth, frustrations and confusion are calling you to make decisions and change instead of living with blinders on. Thats the beauty of being unsettled, if you are complacent and just getting by, you can get away with mediocre. You, my dear, are being called to something greater. I would up making a lot of changes in my life around the age of 28 – I switched jobs, moved apartments and started to make what I wanted a priority. When I look back on these decisions, my only regret is that I didnt do them sooner.

Remember this, whatever point you are at – Saturn is giving you the opportunity to change whatever your are not happy with in your life. It is a time that leads you back to yourself.