Seven Benefits of Frankincense


Seven Benefits of Frankincense

by Courtney Somer

Frankincense known for its sweet and comforting smell, has been used in religious ceremonies for thousands of years and was once more valuable then gold. It is known for its healing powers and at one point “used to treat every conceivable ailment known to man.” Considered as food for the gods, Frankincense is used often in Ayurvedic medicine, and it is believed that using it in the house daily brings good health.

The Essential oil is extracted from the gum or resin of the Boswellia Sacra tree, most native to Somalia, and known for the ability to survive in places so unforgiving that they can grow out of solid rock. 

Here are seven benefits of this amazing Essential oil & Hydrosol:

1. Considered the Middle Eastern equivalent of Sage and therefore, very useful for clearing the energy of spaces. It clears negativity and purifies, allowing for positive energy to enter.

2.Has anti-aging properties and relaxes wrinkles, also a wonderful moisturizer for the skin.

3. Expands & protects the personal aura.

4. Helps to deepen & expand breathing and open airways. 

5. Enhances meditation and any form of personal healing by deepening the experience.

6. Believed to support overcoming fear and improving attitude.

7. Very effective stress deliver, inducing feelings of relaxation, peace and spiritual insight.

Frankincense is used in our Awaken & Radiance Blends, Frankincense Floral Water.